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My husband was born at the birth center in 1984. I toured the birth center as a high school senior in 2005. We returned together in 2008 pregnant with our first child. We have birthed all four of our babies within those walls, and they have been by far, the most empowering and amazing days of my life. Is labor hard? Yes! Is delivery painful? Very! Can you do it? Most definitely! Natural childbirth is not for everyone, and you will never catch me telling another mother how she should do anything (unless she asked for my opinion) , but if you are wanting to have a natural birth, then the Birth & Women’s Center is a fantastic choice. There you will find an incredible tribe of women. These women will support you during your pregnancy. You will look forward to your prenatal appointments like you would a coffee date with your best friend. They won’t rush you, no topic is off limits, and it’s as casual, yet still professional, as can be. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who could be any more encouraging to have by your side during labor. These women will be your advocates and your strength when you need it. When you say, “I can’t”, they will hold your hand and say, “You can! You are! You’re doing it!” And when the moment finally comes for your baby to be born, it will all be worth the wait. The moment is so raw, and surreal. You will feel it  in all it’s wonderfulness, and your tribe will be there to celebrate with you. The Birth & Women’s Center is a magical place where babies are born and where mothers are made. It has been my privilege to birth my babies there!-TK

We had another amazing delivery at the birth center last week. I can honestly say I couldn’t imagine giving birth any other way! We truly appreciate the staff’s competence, compassion, and dedication to each mother, baby, and their family members. The staff at the bwc are truly blessed with a great gift and we are honored to call it our birth place now for 2 of our children.- Erin Curry- Nordgren

Had an awesome delivery here in May! Such a reassuring, relaxed atmosphere. This birth center is such an amazing gift to women in Topeka and surrounding areas. – Suzanne Koerperich

The Birth and Women’s Center is so comfortable and homey that I forgot I was at a doctor’s appointment! I took my shoes off to weigh myself and forgot to put them back on…and I forgot my purse in a different room. I was just leaving my things everywhere like it was my own house!! No icky hospital vibes at all! – Callee Dawn Beurman Robbins

We gave birth to our son here on 4/4/14. The whole experience was almost magical. Could not have asked for a more beautiful time bringing new life into this world. – Matt Bisnett

Wouldn’t even consider another place to have my babies! Best experiences of my life were had here. – Megan James-Rogers

We have had all three of our children at the Topeka BWC (most recent this morning… haha). It treats birth as a natural thing of beauty. Most births are not an emergency, and at the BWC, it’s a calm, peaceful event (well as peaceful as it can be). As a father, the connection I get to have with my wife and children during the process is priceless. A truly amazing place – Wyatt W. Johnston

I gave birth here in April to my second child after having my first baby the “usual” way. These women treat you like family and no obgyn’s office or hospital could possibly compare. I drove here from manhattan for all of my appointments & birth after switching at 28 weeks. Totally worth it. They cater to every single one of your wishes and treat you like a queen! How every mom giving birth should be treated!! ♥ – Shanel Ramirez

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