Included in Birth and Women’s Center care for first time mothers and their birth partners is a 6 week childbirth preparation series. Birth and Women’s Center childbirth educators have taken the best information and coping techniques from a variety of childbirth education styles such as Bradley, Lamaze, Dick-Read and Leboyer, to name a few, to provide holistic childbirth classes to meet the individual needs of women. The information covered in the classes is divided as follows. A shortened version is offered in a review class for mothers and their partners who have already had a baby.

Week 1:
Prenatal Exercises
Group B Strep information
Discomforts of Late Pregnancy
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Week 2:
Signs of True vs. False Labor
Early and Active Labor
Coping with Pain
Breathing for Labor/Birth

Week 3:
Second Stage of Labor (Pushing)
Positions for Labor/Birth
Birth Plans
What do I pack in my my birth bag?

Week 4:
Unexpected Outcomes of Labor/Birth
What if I get transferred to the hospital?
Caesarean Birth
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Week 5:
Postpartum and Newborn Care

Week 6: