Birth and Women’s Center opened in 1980 as Holistic Birth and Growth Center and was one of the first state licensed freestanding birthing centers in the United States.

history_01Dr. Josie Norris, Libby Rosen, RN, Ginger Breedlove, RN, Karen Rowinsky, and Sharon Perry came together to create an environment where the normalcy of pregnancy and birth would be respected. Where women and their families would have choices regarding who was present at their births, what birthing position they could assume, the use of medications in labor, what activities they could participate in during labor, medical interventions during labor, birth, postpartum and newborn period and where they would actively participate in decision making regarding their care.

Many changes have occurred in the 34 years since Holistic Birth and Growth Center opened. Libby has earned her PhD in nursing and is teaching obstetrics to nursing students at Baker University. Ginger became a certified nurse-midwife and earned her PhD in nursing. She was president of ACNM from 2012-2016 and is currently the SVP at Baby+Co. Karen Rowinsky has earned her degree in social work and Sharon Perry has moved to Texas.

history_02Holistic Birth and Growth Center’s name was changed to Birth and Women’s Center and Joan Denny, CNM, Manya Schmidt, CNM, Sarah Bradbury, CNM, Emily Hester, CNM, and Norla Todd, CNM have assisted many families in the births of nearly 4,000 babies.

In 2016, Jodi Blair, CNM took ownership of the Birth and Women’s Center. Jodi Blair and the rest of the staff are committed to continuing the tradition of respecting birth as a natural process, empowering women to make decisions regarding their own care and providing safe birth options for women with low risk pregnancies. Eileen Greenham, CNM; Donna Forbes, CNM; Rachelle Flynn, RN and Director of Nursing, Hailey McGranahan, RN; Jodie Mayfield, RN and Meagan Wise, RN make up the staff providing care for women and their families.

Birth and Women’s Center continues to provide an environment for pregnancy and birthing care which encourages and respects women’s and their families’ abilities to make informed decisions about their care.